Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pizza Party Collection!

All these pizza goodies are now up for sale in Zombot Shop! All these items are priced $10 are less, and I'll be keeping them in stock for awhile. Go check it out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Outfit: birthday day

dress: Forever 21  tights: Urban Outfitters  bow & belt:  Forever 21  shoes: Dockers

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so of course I'm wearing a big giant bow and lots of glitter. I hope I never get to whatever age it is where people go "I think I'm too old to be putting glitter on my face."

I started off my birthday by studying for my business finance midterm for about one millions hours, which I recommend to no one ever. Something inside of me died. But then I went out with some of my loveliest friends and ate nachos & macaroni and cheese & chocolate cake shots & whiskey & ice cream, and then everything was perfect once again.

Since this week is a bit too busy to even think about having a real birthday party, I'm having one next week. It's called "Blanket Fort Pizza Party" and it's going to be amazing. Here's to growing old, but never growing up.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Outfit: hearts on hearts

sweater: Target  pants: Forever 21  shoes: Jellypop

I'm a sucker for black clothing with hearts on it, which is one of the reasons this is probably my favorite sweater of all time. It was light enough that I wore it a lot during last summer, and it's warm enough to layer during winter. The pants I'm wearing have fuzzy black velvet hearts and were only $8, so that's pretty magical.

I'm off to do some homework for my Business Finance class, which is exactly as exciting as you would imagine.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Outfit: Pizza Vest

shirt: nollie vest: dolled up pizza patch: fennec design co.  pants: forever 21  shoes: rock & candy

So this is the latest vest I've modified. It's food-themed, but most importantly focuses on PIZZA! It came with the studs, but I added everything else. How amazing is that patch on the back?! The taco and pizza buttons on the collar were given to me by my mum, and the sweet Sailor Moon patch is from my friend Steph. I thought it especially appropriate since Sailor Moon loves junk food and eating all the time. I really like making cute vests with themes. They're fun to plan and put together, and they're comfortable to just throw over whatever outfit I'm wearing!