Monday, November 21, 2011

First Post!

Alright, first time posting on my shinynew blog! I set up this blog this past weekend mainly as a way to focus on something that's really important to me lately: crafting. A couple months ago, I started making jewelry. I've always had an obsession with cameos. My mom and grandmother both have a small collection of them, and so several have been passed on to me over the years. 
Some of the cameos in my collection
I am always on the lookout for cameos in thrift stores and secondhand shops. After discovering Etsy, I would buy unset cameos I liked, then find the perfect setting for them.

Cameos made from finds on Etsy
I started wishing that there was some way to choose the colors used in the cameos and settings, to customize the jewelry I loved so much. So, I started researching how cameos are made. Most factory-made cameos are produced with resin, plastic, or stone. I discovered that people who make custom cameos usually use resin or polymer clay. Both of these methods use molds, usually made of flexible silicone. I decided to learn how to make my own cameos using polymer clay and molds (both purchased and self-made). That was about three months ago, and my obsession has already exploded into my favorite new hobby. I now make my own cameos and settings out of polymer clay, in every color imaginable.
Dead Elvis cameos in every color!
  I spend a lot of my spare time making jewelry now. It's a very relaxing, fulfilling hobby for me. Last month, I opened an etsy shop, "Zombot Shop", to sell my creations. It's been really fun so far, and I definitely want to continue doing it. For this blog, I plan on talking about new things I'm making, crafting/jewelry ideas and inspirations, my shop, and my daily life. Thanks for reading my first post!

Finished products!


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I love the rainbow collection of Zombie Elvis.

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