Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell, 2011!

Happy New Year Banner - New Year- Vintage Inspired

(New Years banner from Etsy)

Happy New Year, everyone! Tonight, I’ll sadly be celebrating the same way I did last New Year’s Eve, working. I have a kitchen shift until after midnight. However, my lovely boyfriend, Andrew is going to come hang out at the pub to ring in the new year with me.
I’m usually not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, as they seem to fall apart within the first month or so. However, I’ve been pretty productive the past couple months. I’ve set goals for myself (start making jewelry, open etsy store, start a blog, etc) that I’ve been able to achieve and it has made me feel pretty proud of myself! I feel much happier now that I’m getting stuff done and spending my time wisely. So, I made a list of things to do/continue doing for this new year!

1. Blog at least twice weekly
I feel like I’ve been pretty good at blogging regularly, even though it’s only been a little over a month since I started this blog. I really enjoy blogging, and have found that I have more to write/post about than I thought I would! I’m not sure how difficult it will be to find subject matter in the future, but my crafting and thrifting adventures should help!

2. List at least 2 new items on Etsy every week.
I’ve found that I get more views/item favorites on Etsy when I list a new item. I used to list a bunch of new items all a once (20 or 30 in an hour or so), but I’ve found that it might be better to list one every couple days or so. I’m constantly making new jewelry, so it shouldn’t be hard to list a couple items weekly.

3. Break into profit margin with crafting business
I actually just hit $300 in sales yesterday (yayyyy!), but I’ve spent about $500 on supplies, ad fees, and such. So I’m still negative $200 as far as profit goes. I’ll definitely break even in the next couple months, it’s just a matter of how soon. This year, I’ll be working on ways to increase sales on Etsy and outside of the internet, which leads to my next goal…

4. Do a Craft Show!
I’ve only been to a couple craft shows, but they have all been awesome and pretty inspiring. It’s amazing to see the variety of lovely things people can make by hand. I definitely plan on going to any craft show I can this year, and want to eventually have a booth/table in one. It seems a bit intimidating, and will be a totally different experience from selling online, but I think I’m capable of it!

So that’s some of the things I’d like to achieve this year. I’m pretty excited for 2012! How about you guys? Any plans or new years resolutions?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Presents


I got a lot of amazing presents this year! My little sister, Kendra, visited us for the holidays and brought down a huge duffel bag from my mom. It was bursting at the seams with homemade Christmas candy (nom nom nom) and presents!IMG_1054

Crazy-wrapped present from my dad. Inside was this!



My mom got me a much-needed dremel tool. It’s going to be super useful for crafting, jewelry-making, and claywork! I’m really excited to use it for sanding and polishing clay, it’s going to make everything look much better! Kendra also got me something to use for crafting: a Sculpey cray conditioner. It’s such a relief for my hands. You have to “condition” or soften polymer clay before working with it. It can be kinda rough on the hands. One of my first times working with clay, I spent about eight hours or so playing around with it and making things. The next day my hands were insanely sore and slightly bruised! So a clay conditioner is very helpful!      I got lots of other neat stuff from my family, like super soft flannel sheets, a microwaveable aromatherapy stuffed animal, and some awesome knee socks!IMG_0382

Andrew got me a cute old-fashioned drinking bird (you know, the kind that bobs up and down “drinking” from a cup of water. yay, thermodynamics!) and some awesome Portal-themed stuff. If you don’t know what Portal is, it’s an amazing and hilarious physics/puzzle game. Andrew got me an adorable stuffed Companion Cube and a PotatOS science kit. Basically, in Portal, one of the characters is a piece of A.I. software known as GLaDOS. During a large portion of Portal 2, she is powered by a potato (as potatoes are an excellent conductor of electricity). So the science kit involves attaching the A.I. unit to a real potato to make GLaDOS talk and say phrases from the game! It’s really neat, and hilarious to listen to.IMG_1131

My lovely best friend, Stacey, got me some really awesome presents, mostly owl-themed! She got me two adorable fuzzy owls. I think the white one may be my favorite owl I own (there’s a lot of them) and probably the most realistic-looking one! She also got me a giant felted mushroom that I’m in love with. IMG_1171IMG_1173

She also got me a Star Wars Scanimation book (so cool to look at!), and stone owl coasters and White Ale Beer (with owl labels and bottlecaps! eeeee!)

IMG_1127One of my favorite co-workers, Drew, got me this adorable owl mug!


So that’s what I got for Christmas this year! I’m very thankful for all my family and friends. I had an awesome Christmas season, and really enjoyed giving and getting such great presents!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend! I opened all my presents on Friday while my sister was still here. I got some amazing stuffs! Maybe I’ll do a post about it later and show you all the awesomeness I received this year.
Here’s my outfit for today! Lots of red and bows. and red bows. You can’t tell from the picture, but I have a red bow in my hair and a black necklace with a teeny bow charm. Christmas just gives me an excuse to wear even more bows with my outfit than I usually do!
I’m wearing one of my favorite brooches which I made a couple years ago with an orphaned robot earring and some good old acrylic paint.
Today I’m going to spend the day with Andrew, then head over to his mom’s house for some yummy Christmas dinner!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just made an account with bloglovin to follow all the lovely blogs out there I adore. It's much better than blogger's interface for following blogs. Check it out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Downtown Adventure!

Me and my sister, Kendra, ventured downtown today for some shopping and exploring. Our first stop was the always delicious Voodoo Doughnuts. I got a delicious Bacon Maple Bar (with crispy bacon on top!) and a Voodoo doll (filled with bloody raspberry filling, of course. Next, it was on to Powell's, the largest and most lovely bookstore I know of. I got a really neat notebook, with a cover in the style of a vintage detective novel, and an adorable mushroom candle.

We stopped by Compound (awesome art gallery/vinyl toy & novelty shop/clothing store) and Floating World Comics (hands down, best comic store in Portland). Then it was on to Mississippi Ave. Our main reason for going there was Missing Link Toys (favorite. store. ever.) I got an awesome variety of vinyl toys, including this little guy:IMG_0231

I collect Dunnys (check em out here). This specific one is by artist McBess. It’s pretty rare, and I’ve been trying to find it for months! Mississippi Ave is also a fantastic place to find graffiti and sticker art. Here’s a couple things me and Kendra snapped pics of:
I thought the door with all the doorknobs was genius, and I’m pretty curious as to which is the actual, working doorknob!
My outfit for the day. I absolutely love outfits that combine navy and purple. The jacket I’m wearing is my favorite ever. It makes me feel fancy and dressed-up, no matter what outfit I have on underneath it. And, I got it from Plato’s closet for a whopping $10! I’m currently wearing a Darth Vader brooch on it, which is totally available in my shop: Darth Vader Brooch
So that was my day! Now I’m off to work, after which I have the next five days off to spend with my lovely sister, and to celebrate Christmas! Yay!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thifting Time!

On Wednesday, my awesome little sister, Kendra, flew down from Alaska to spend some time in Oregon. Yesterday, we spent the day shopping, which of course included a couple thrift stores. Here’s some of the wonderful things I ended up bringing home:
Awesome hand-painted porcelain owl. I have quite the owl collection going right now, but that's a blog post for another time... 
Adorable flats. Only five bucks! I've been looking for shoes in this style for awhile with no luck. I really love the black bows on the front!
Ridiculously hard M.C. Escher sliding-tile puzzle. I will probably never ever solve this, but that's alright!

Very in-depth book on gnomes. It's full of maps, diagrams, stories, and illustrations!

Excellent vintage French advertisement for absinthe! It'll fit in perfectly with this wall of my apartment:
Next week, me and Kendra are going to do some vintage shopping in Southeast Portland, specifically on Hawthorne. There's sooo many amazing vintage/secondhand shops there. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Wonderland!

On Saturday, I went down to Crafty Wonderland at the convention center. Crafty Wonderland is an awesome shop in downtown Portland that features handmade goods and crafts from local artists. Every year, in both May and December, they put on a free, all-ages craft show. It’s always so amazing and inspiring to see all the beautiful, unique art and crafts being made right here in Oregon. Most of the vendors there have etsy shops, too! Here’s some of the awesomeness I purchased on Saturday:
Berkley Illustration makes some amazing portraits of animals in various outfits. I’m in love with this adorable train conductor rat.
  Berkley Illustration Etsy Shop
Awesome goodies from Oh My Deer! One of my favorite vendors for sure. She has adorable jewelry, plushes, and such at excellent prices!
Oh My Deer Etsy Shop
Cute party-birds from Magpie Ethel. She makes amazing trinkets and ornaments which perfectly combine color and kitsch. She had these birds in every color ever, each with a unique party-hat. I wish I could have bought all of them!
 Magpie Ethel Etsy Shop
Love these postcards from Unusual Cards. They have lots of cards and prints collaged from vintage illustrations. I love all the sci-fi and dinosaur ones!
Unusual Cards Etsy Shop
I’m so glad I got to spend some time at Crafty Wonderland, I’m already looking forward to the May craft show!

Friday, December 9, 2011


So I had the intent yesterday of making a zombie or robot out of clay, but I decided a small tentacle would be an easier place to start with free-hand sculpting. I just finished up a powerpoint presentation on squid for my oceanography class, plus my friend felicia brought me back an adorable tentacle-finger from San Francisco, and I've been looking at clay octopus creations on etsy, so I've definitely had tentacles on the brain.

It took about a half hour or so to make. I made a hole in the top, so I can try to turn it into a pendant after I glaze it. It was really fun to do, I definitely want to get some practice and make lots more of them!
Tentacle Finger!

Here's some of the finds on etsy that were pretty inspiring:
Pink Octopus Necklace

Purple plum Octopus Tentacle necklace pendant