Monday, January 30, 2012

Lovely Things

READY TO SHIP Round Locket : Kitten Bandit
This adorable locket from The Black Apple on Etsy
I love Emily Martin’s illustrations! She lives here in Portland, and always has a booth at Crafty Wonderland. Check out her blog!
These awesome Lego walls
This would be so much fun. I love playing with legos just as much as I did when I was a kid, maybe more!
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These outer space tights 
I wish I knew where to buy these! I have quite a few sci-fi/space t-shirts that these would go perfectly with.
This diy book pendant
Check out the story behind it on Craftster.
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This print
I love the typography of this, and the saying itself. As someone who waits tables, I can definitely agree with this.


DawnieP said...

I'm completely nuts for that book pendant that's amazing! The cosmos tights are crazy cool I think I'd be worried about people thinking I'd just splattered myself with something though as its the type of thing I'm liable to do lol!


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