Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zoo Lights

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around these parts much lately. This month, it feels like I'm getting pulled in twenty different directions at once. Between work, my etsy shop, custom orders, and social engagements, I have myself spread pretty thin right now. One bit of exciting news: I bought my domain, so heyzombot.com is all mine! heyzombot.blogspot will still redirect here, so you shouldn't need to change your bookmarks or subscriptions or anything like that. It is taking a bit of time to get my comments imported though, so if you notice any issues with commenting, that's why!

On a cold rainy night last week, my friend Steph and I headed to Zoo Lights. It's something that the Portland Zoo puts on every year. They put up tons and tons of gorgeous light displays, and there's a special train that goes through the entire Zoo. It was crazy busy the night we went, so we ended up waiting in line in the rain for a couple hours. It's a bit weird being at the Zoo when all the animals are put away, and just looking at animals made of multicolor lights. They were so pretty though! Check it out.


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