Thursday, September 27, 2012

Outfit: Back to School

Yesterday, I started classes at Portland State University. After finishing my associate's degree last December, I took some a break from school for awhile. I feel like I needed some time to make that transition from community college to a university. I'm only taking one class this term, so I can ease myself back into the routine of working full time and going to school. Rather than jumping straight back into boring business classes, I decided to take a needed elective that would be fun for me. Psychology of Women! I've really been wanting to take a psych class for awhile, and I figure this will be an interesting one. I'm so excited to be back in school, especially at such a beautiful campus smack-dab in downtown Portland. Hooray!
sweater: Forever 21
dress: H&M
tights: Steve Madden
shoes: Blowfish, which I painted with glitter
brooch: zombot shop
bag: H&M

Sometime soon, I'll be dying my hair back to purple. I really love the pink color that it's faded to, I almost don't want to say goodbye to it! It was such a dark purple when I first dyed it three months ago, I never thought it would fade to such a neat color. It's also funny to think that I dye/touch-up my hair way less frequently than I did when I had natural shades like black, brown, or red!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outfit: Lady Tie

Fall is slowly starting here. It's cooling down just enough that I can start wearing cardigans again, and I feel the urge to go buy a new cozy jacket for the upcoming cold, rainy weather. As much as I love summer, I always look forward to all the stereotypical comforts of autumn: warm drinks, changing leaves, fuzzy blankets, and everything ever being flavored/scented pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. Yum!
See Andrew's creepy shadow hand squeezing my shoe?
I'm in love with this lady tie from Flapper Girl. She make them in all sorts of pretty colors and patterns. I got one in purple, and one in pink. They'll go well with all the collared shirts I wear to work all the time. It makes me extra happy that they're made by someone here in Portland, Oregon. We have so many wonderful local crafters and creators!
dress (worn as top): Charlotte Russe
lady tie: Flapper Girl
cardigan: Old Navy
skirt: Modcloth
shoes: Blowfish

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I’ve Been Working On

I realized I haven’t really shared any of the fresh jewelry that I've made, for a few months now. I used to do a bunch of creating all at once, and get everything photographed and listed on etsy within the week. It’s a bit harder to do that these days, what with more hours at work and all the fun things I've been up to this summer. Lately, I tend to make little things here and there, and put them on etsy at an errrrm, leisurely pace. So, here’s some of the goodies I've created lately.

All the items in the last picture are goodies for a giveaway over at The Owl's Den. Go check it out!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Instagram Lately

1.  Andrew told me to draw a "bro-hawk". 2. Peaches Amaretto French Toast
3. Zak's belated birthday cake 4. glitter life
5. mushroom brooch I made 6. doodling the rocket ship tattoo I want
7. space invaders 8. heart shaped cherry cake
9. giant beer people in portland 10. in Pioneer Square waiting for Girl Talk to start
11. Hot Cake House! 12. work outfit

Friday, September 14, 2012

Outfit: Girl in an Apron

It's been a rough week. As much as I feel like I work a lot, I honestly rarely hit 40 hours a week. This week, I think I hit 47 hours. On my one day off, I headed to Eugene and spent a lovely day with my little sister. We ate some delicious food (including cupcakes, of course), did some shopping, and took pictures of graffiti/stickers/tags.  Unfornately, on the way home, my shitastic car decided to break down. ( in the dark. in the middle of I-5. in the middle of a curve. with no lights or landmarks, completely rural) I was stranded for a few hours while I waited for a ride home. Luckily, I had a book with me; and apparently my ipod also serves as a trusty reading light. My boyfriend's brother helped tow the car to an exit where it would be safer. So of course, overnight, someone smashed a window and attempted to steal it. Luckily, I had already taken EVERYTHING out of the car, even all the miscellaneous papers in the glovebox.
 Dear looters: Please enjoy my already-broken stereo and the bag of empty coffee cups. IMG_2840
Happy ending = I finally got a new car! Remember how I almost got one in July? That actually fell through due to craigslist shadiness. This time, I just went to a dealership and picked out a beautiful 2005 Toyota Camry. Levels above my old Geo Prizm. I'm really in love with my new car so far. It's going to make life a bit easier.
It's funny, I actually wear an apron almost every day. They're not nearly as adorable as this one though. Just basic black aprons. It'd be fun to wear an apron like this to work, but I know it would just end up filthy. You should see my black aprons at the end of shifts; just covered in beer and ranch and flour and who knows what else. Food industry: It's a hard life, man. Today I'm just savoring my day off (on a Friday no less! That never happens!). I really don't want to leave my apartment today. After working a lot, and being around people non-stop, I just need a break from all the silly humans.
combo IMG_2816
top: Forever 21, thrifted
skirt: White House, Black Market, thrifted
best apron in the world: Modcloth
mushroom brooch: made by me, coming soon to Zombot Shop
shoes: HAHAHA no. I want to stay locked indoors!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit: Jeanssss

I oh-so-rarely wear pants. Seriously. Maybe once a month, I’ll get the urge to throw some on. Like “Hmmm. Maybe I’ll wear pants today?”. After wearing skirts and dresses all the time, they just feel so restricting. Also, for some reason, I just really don’t like the way blue jeans look. When I do wear jeans, they’re always black or dark denim. No acid-wash or blue jeans for me. 
shirt: JcPenneys
detachable collar: Romwe
jeans: Grane, thrifted
comfiest shoes ever: Roxy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August in Pictures

a round of croquet, in which I discovered how utterly terrible I am at croquet
super yummy sushi
thrift store finds
at Slappy Cakes with miss Stacey. (You make your own pancakes on a griddle built into the table!)
I had lots of fun hanging out with my little sister, Kendra!
This is possibly the first time she's worn a dress in like a decade.
Prettying up packages for Zombot Shop
Union Station
Hanging out with lovely people
Fun breakfast-time at Roxy's

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Outfit: Sunshine with Stacey

I love how Stacey and I both have pink hair right now. We do a damn good at being each other's hairdressers, if I do say so myself. It was very sunny and ridiculously bright outside when we took these pictures, so forgive us for being a bit squinty.
Stacey's outfit
shoes: Sears "uhm like 12 years ago"
brooch: Zombot Shop
Hannah's outfit
lace collar: ebay
skirt: vintage store in Alaska, approximately a million years ago
shoes: Roxy