Sunday, January 6, 2013

two thousand thirteen

I tend to think New Year's resolutions are a bit silly. It seems like most people's resolutions are along the lines of working out every single day or losing half of their body weight. Blechhhhhh.
However, I do like setting goals for myself and feeling accomplished when I finally complete them! Looking back at the goals I set last year, I did a pretty great job at slaying them.

1. Blog at least twice weekly- I may not have blogged exactly twice a week, but I had 127 blog posts during 2012,  which averages to about 2.4 times per week. I'll take it!
2. List at least two new items on Etsy every week- This went kind of like the one above, I may not have listed two items a week, but it probably averages out to that. I've done a good job of always keeping between 160 and 200 items up in the shop.
3. Break into profit margin with crafting business- I definitely accomplished this, and then some! Zombot Shop had a good year. Thank you, guys!
4. Do a craft show- This is the only one I didn't get to cross off my list. It seems like there just wasn't enough time to find a craft show and prepare for it. I definitely think I can do it this year though!

1. Do that craft show!- I really don't think it'll happen soon, but if all else fails, I can for sure find some craft fairs around Christmas time to take part in.
2. Blog redesign- I really haven't changed the layout/design of my blog much since I first created it last year. I'd really like to spend some time learning more about html and how to create a good layout, or at least pay someone who knows what they're doing to make it pretty.
3. Save some $$$- I really need to come up with a good savings plan so I can set some money aside every month.
4. Get new tattoos- Well, accomplishing #3 would definitely help out with this. I have quite a few tattoos that I've been wanting for some time, but always flake out or find something different to spend my money on. As a birthday present to myself, I'm planning on getting my rocket tattoo next month!
5. Read a book a week- I've always been a avid reader, but lately it's been harder for me to find time to read. With the Kindle fire that my wonderful mom got me for Christmas, it'll be a lot easier to read during whatever free time I have. I read pretty fast, and tend to devour books whole once I start reading them, so I think a book a week is pretty reasonable for me.


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