Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January in Review

Steph and I bought these adorable miniature-dessert kits from Uwajamiya. Unfortunately, we can't read Japanese, so we had to guess at the recipe. The cake turned out lovely, while my doughnuts were just a pathetic pile of gooey dough and icing. They both tasted pretty awful!
Frozen spider webs. It was pretty cold here in the beginning of the month, but we never got our snow day that usually comes in January.
Re-organized my game nook. For some reason, it makes me so happy to re-arrange things and have them all neat and nice and pretty and organized.
Orange Creamsicle Cake! My mom introduced me to this wonderfully amazing recipe, where you can take any cake or brownie mix, and replace every single ingredient (but the mix) with one can of soda. It's so simple and it tastes oh-so-good! We made cherry-cola brownies too! Yum.
purple lace over purple lace
1. gel pens! Thank you, Target!     2. getting ready for our new year's party
3. bleach-blonde for a day     4. Sailor Moon goodies
5. my spacey kindle    6. new hairrrrrr


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