Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Outfit: birthday

shirt: Spoiled   dress: asos   tights: H&M   shoes: Anarchic   bow: Fuego

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and it was absolutely wonderful! Steph, Andrew and I picked up some yummy coffee from Java Mama, then headed to SE Portland for lunch at the Mac and Cheesery. For dessert, we hit up the always wonderful Saint Cupcake. I had to go to class for a couple hours, which I really didn't mind doing on my birthday, since it's my favorite class ever! Afterwards, Andrew's mum picked us up for a delicious dinner at Stanfords, complete with birthday creme brulee! Then we relaxed at home with some Doctor Who episodes. Altogether, it was a lovely birthday!

And it's exciting that I still have my birthday party next week to look forward to! Even more exciting: my wonderful fantastic amazing mother's birthday gift to me is: MY ROCKET SHIP TATTTOO. I've been thinking about it and wanting it for a long time, and I am ecstatic that I can finally get it!
1. birthday bow   2. wicked lady mocha with pink cupcake whipped cream
3. saint cupcakes   4. bloody mary with bacon and a cheese rim!
5. my new disappearing Tardis mug from Steph    6. heart-shaped cakes from Micah


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