Friday, February 8, 2013

Outfit: lavender&mint

cardigan: frenchi   tank: H&M   skirt: Forever 21   tights: Target   shoes: Report   brooch: my shop

This was a fun outfit I wore the other day. I picked both the cardigan and skirt up from Plato's closet this week, so they were pretty cheap! The cardigan is so sparklyyyy in person. It makes me happy.

Life has been pretty busy lately. Mister Andrew and I have been rearranging and reorganizing our apartment. We tackled the office this week, which was quite the project. I now have my computer desk right under the window, so I can soak up more sunlight. Tomorrow, we're headed to Ikea and Target to buy some new goodies, like towels and sheets. Because apparently adults replace those every now and then? and we're adults?? Something like that.

Other than that, my 24th birthday is coming up on Monday! I'm having a party, but I scheduled it a couple weeks out, since I have midterms and other stuffs going on this next week. My party is going to be space/future/sci-fi themed and I'm turning my apartment into a space ship! I'm really looking forward to it.

I also just started planning a eurotrip with my friend Steph. There's much planning and plotting to be done, and I'm so very very excited about it! If anyone has ever visited Europe, and has tips on how to do so cheaply, or where to stay/visit, I'm all ears!



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