Sunday, February 10, 2013

space feelings

1,4,5,6 no source 2. cyberdog 3. klaaqu  6. UFO   7. bubble fusion
1. modcloth   2. romwe   3. modcloth   4. nasa   5. no source   6. modcloth   7. moon boots   8. no source   9. etsy

For my birthday party in a couple weeks, I'm asking my friends to dress up as "an astronaut, space cadet, alien, glitter-queen space-princess, sci-fi character, future person, time lord, sith lord, robot,  or any other being one would find on a spaceship in the future". I haven't figured out my own costume yet, but I love all of the looks above. I'm definitely leaning towards something shiny or holographic, and I assure you there will be glitter. lots of glitter. SPACE GLITTER.


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